General resources


Cambridge English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

Etymology Dictionary

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English: phonetics clearly stated, with recordings with several speakers. Countable / uncountable status. No institutional access required.


The phonemes of English

IPA online keyboard

Vocabulary pronounced out loud, with emphasis on -ED and -ING endings (for French students)

Speech programme which “reads” aloud any text you upload

Amazing search engine which will find the sentence you type as voiced in films

Teaching/learning resources:

British Council: besides grammar flashcards and vocabulary lists, the site has, in the “general English” tab, many audio-visual documents with transcripts and activity suggestions.

British Library teaching resources: historical documents with proposed activities for pupils of various ages.

Nicholas Sowels, professor of Brtitish Studies at Paris-1 University, has a very valuable website with lots of activities, often on topical subjects.

Michael Riccioli, retired professor of British Studies (Paris Dauphine University) also offers many exercises on his website.


No Fear Shakespeare: Shakespeare’s plays along with translations into modern English

Audio-visual raw material

Animated Tales: 12 plays by Shakespeare adapted into 25 minute cartoons by various artists, originally produced by the BBC in the 1990s

In Our Time BBC Podcasts

Games and quizzes

The British-Irish Dialect Quizz: quizz created by the New York Times which maps local lexical variations