About this blog and its content

I’ve been teaching English at university level for the past 5 years, and find it very time-consuming to find teaching material adapted for young adults. I therefore share my material here, hoping it can be used by others, both students and teachers.

I teach in a French university but all the uploaded material is in English. You’ll find documents for different types of classes:

  • comprehension / expression: general language class focusing on listening (and reading) comprehension, group work, summary writing and essay writing
  • history
  • grammar

My students have very variable abilities in English –  some are native speakers and others have a low A2 level. I try to take this diversity into account in my material, but it is not always easy, or even possible. I would rate the material suitable for B2 level – students who are able to engage with authentic, English-only material on a wide range of societal subjects, but who need scaffolding to be able to account for the content of such documents.

Feel free to use and adapt all the uploaded material for any teaching setting, but not for commercial purposes. Words of advice & criticism very welcome as long as respectful, and material sharing encouraged!

Clémence Fourton, PhD in British Studies