Borders (3) – Borders and wildlife

This is the third activity of a thematic unit on borders. The document is an animated video tackling the question of borders through the lens of the effect they have on wildlife. The visuals make the listening comprehension rather easy. Besides questions about the content of the video, one may encourage students to reflect on such a reading of borders. 


US-Mexico Border Wall: Are Animals at Risk?

Instruction: Watch this video by National Geographic and answer the following questions.


1. Which four other border walls appear in the video?

2. Which American states are located along the Mexican border?

3. How long would the finished wall be?

4. How much would it cost?

5. For what reasons is the wall being built?

6. Many adjectives are used to qualify the effects of the wall on wildlife in the video. Give 4 of them.

7. Which aspects of animal life would be affected by the wall?

8. What are the characteristics of the ecosystem along the border?

9. Describe the fauna and flora of the border area.

10. Have you heard of any of these plants and animals before? Why does the narrator say that some of them are “national icons”?

11. What is the connection between climate change and the construction of the wall?

12. Explain, in your own words, how the border food chain could be affected by the wall.

13. What solutions are proposed in the video to the problem posed by the wall? Are there any other solutions which are not mentioned?

14. Is the representation of animals in the video accurate? What do you think about the way wildlife is presented to the viewer?

15. What do you think about the way the video addresses the question of the Mexico-US border wall?

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